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Domain Agreement

1. Introduction


2. Domain Name Registration, Renewal, and Management Services

  • Registration

    The registration and/or renewal of a domain name grants you a personal license to use the domain name for a period equal to the registration period.

    We register domain names on a first come, first serve, basis, except when otherwise required by ICANN or a domain name Registry. We do not guarantee availability of any domain name you wish to register or renew. Domain names registered or renewed for you will not be effective unless and until the designated Registry updates its domain name registry database in accord with the WHOIS and/or nameserver information you have provided to us., the applicable Registry, or ICANN may decide that registration of a particular domain name is prohibited. may, in our sole discretion, refuse to process your application for the registration or renewal of a particular domain name. Further, you understand and acknowledge that we may also delete the registration of any domain name which we have registered, at any time for any reason.

  • Account Management and Security

    You must use Control Panel to manage your registered domain names, your account profile and any other ancillary services.

    You must maintain your account login details as confidential information, in order to preserve account security. You are solely responsible for maintaining the security of the login details of your account, including but not limited to your username, password and security questions and answers. You agree to immediately notify us in the event of any breach of security. We are not liable for unauthorized use or misuse of your usernames or passwords.

    You are responsible for any and all actions taken in connection with the domain names in your account. This includes actions of your agents, assignees and others to whom you have provided an email account or other services originating with us.

  • Expiration and Renewal:

    Keep good record of the expiration dates of all your registered domain names. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that all of your registered domain names are renewed prior to their expiration dates.

    You agree that we are not liable for any claims of damage or loss arising from any failure to renew a domain name.

    You understand and acknowledge that the renewal of a domain name is subject to payment of applicable fees prior to the domain’s expiration date and that it is your responsibility to ensure that these fees are paid.

    If you do not renew a domain name on or before its expiration date, the domain name will no longer resolve to the previously assigned name server(s). The domain name will be held in your account at for twenty-five (25) days following the expiration date (“Expiration Period”) and you may renew the domain name at any time during this period by paying the applicable registration fees and any past-due renewal fees. Once you have paid all the applicable fees, we will reinstate the domain name to resolve to the previously assigned name server(s).

    You acknowledge and agree that your right and interest in a domain name ceases at the end of the Expiration Period. At the end of this period, we will remove the domain name from your account and place it into a holding account for ten (10) days (“Hold Period”). During the Hold Period, you may restore the Domain Name to your account for a flat fee of $120.00 USD (“Restore Fee”). The Restore Fee is in addition to the applicable registration renewal fee and any other past due fees.

  • Deletion, Transfer or Recovery during Redemption Grace Period

    At the end of the Hold Period we may, in our sole discretion, delete the domain name or transfer it to a third party. We reserve the right to make any domain name that has gone through the twenty-five (25) day Expiration Period available for registration to a third party.

    If we delete the domain name, it may become subject to its Registry’s ‘Redemption Grace Period’ during which the domain name may be recovered by and returned to you. If you decide to recover a domain name during this period, you agree to pay (“Redemption Fee”), to cover the fee incurred from the Registry as well as administrative costs associated with recovery. The Redemption Fee is in addition to the applicable registration renewal fee and any other past-due fees.

    At the end of many Registry Redemption Grace Periods, there may be a period during which expiring domain names are in "Pending Delete” status at the Registry. We cannot recover domain names in Pending Delete status. At the end of the Pending Delete status period, a domain name is made available for registration by the general public on a first-come, first-serve, basis.Some Registries do not offer Redemption Grace Periods, and so deleted domain names promptly become available for registration by anyone, on a first-come, first-serve, basis.

    A domain name may be transferred from a current registrant to a third party and remain serviced by us. The new registrant must create a account first, then the prior registrant can transfer or “push” the domain name into the new registrant’s account.

    A domain name may also be transferred from to another registrar in accordance with the ICANN approved Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy, which can be viewed here: You acknowledge and agree that a domain name is ineligible for transfer to another registrar for sixty (60) days following registration or renewal at, or transfer between registrants.


3.’s Right to Modify, Change or Cancel Products or Services

We reserve the right to modify this Agreement and/or related agreements at any time. Changes to this Agreement will be posted to our website and become effective immediately upon posting. Your continued use of any of the registered domain names in your account constitutes your acceptance of any modifications to this Agreement.

We may, in our sole discretion, suspend, cancel, or modify our services or your use of our services at any time without notice to you.

You acknowledge and agree that all services are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis.

4. Our Relationship to You and Agency

This Agreement shall not create any agency, partnership, or other form of joint enterprise between you and us.

In the case of services which are used or accessed by your agent(s), you understand and agree that you will be bound as principal by all terms and conditions in this Agreement. You agree to accept all liability for harm caused by wrongful use of any domain name registered to you. You agree to secure agreement of any third party agent to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

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