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Domain Registration

Our domain registration services are seamlessly integrated with our web hosting offerings. Not ready to host a website just yet? Not a problem. You can easily add hosting plans later after securing your domain name today!

Your Domain Name is your address on the Web. Get a domain name with Web Arts! Domains.

Domain Registration

Just like people use your phone number to call you on the phone, your Domain Name allows people to access your site on the Web. Original, neat, or simple to remember Domain Names are most desirable as they can play a large part in attracting visitors to your site.

Most Domain Names end with ".com" (commerce), but other extensions such as ".net" (network) and ".org" (organization) are also available. Many new extensions are being used to help define websites, such as: .biz (business), .info (information), .ws (web site), .in (India).

In addition domains can be used with your e-mail accounts, allowing you to be able to send and receive e-mail with addresses such as "".

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Domain Pricing

Domain New Registration Free with Hosting
.com Rs. 650 Included
.net Rs. 650 Included
.org Rs. 650 Included
.biz Rs. 650 Included
.info Rs. 550 Included
.in Rs. 700 Included Rs. 700 Included

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