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Our Process

We believe in working 100% transparently and sharing everything we know with our clients as we go. Successful projects require a process of discovery that takes patience, experience, and communication. At Web Arts we've narrowed it down to three steps.

Our Process

Goals and needs analysis

Having dealt with scores of businesses, our team of Internet professionals can help you figure out what kind of web solution you or your business needs. You tell us what you want and what you don't want; we'll tell you what we can deliver and what we cannot (almost an impossibility). Once we know what you want and what goals you and your team have in mind we can move forward with a clear vision.

Sample layouts

We use your goals as guidance while creating sample layouts and demo web applications. Samples and demos help you see where we are heading too. Changes can be quickly implemented if you want them.

Your approval

Your approval makes sure we are both on the same plain. It also saves lots of money and effort because then we both know how things are materializing.

Writing markup and code

This is where the soul of your web application is born. All that has been discussed, all that has been approved, begins to manifest in this stage. All the code and markup is written using the strictest rules and every procedure is well-documented.

Testing and debugging

Every module is thoroughly tested and debugged during this stage. This is a non-linear stage -- that is, coding and debugging sometimes happens simultaneously.

Final approval

Once we feel the project is complete we seek your final approval. If there are some iffs and buts, they are sorted out here.


After your final approval we upload all the files under your chosen domain and your web application starts working. Congratulations!

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